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1. Space equipment and Administrative Support:

Providing a quiet and elegant office space, international level conference rooms and training classrooms. Also provide visitor assistance, email reception, equipment rental, hardware and software support, personnel training program and other administrative support services.

2. Technical and Research Subsidy Support:

Providing industry counseling system service, Helping apply for government research and development awards, Project subsidies, Providing technical transfer service, Introducing large-scale enterprise project cooperation opportunities.

3. Brand marketing and Alliance Cooperation:

Assisting the establishment of the brand, market position, and other related marketing planning, Publicity through holding activities and exhibition events, matchmaking activities between industries and media and also international marketing channels. Helping enterprises get more business opportunities.

4. Business and Intellectual law legal support service:

Through the center’s service team and strategic alliance, agencies to provide manufacturers, intellectual wealth, legal advice and other related diagnostic services, so that enterprises can focus on innovative research and development.

5. Industry Information and Various Data:

Through the various database, providing the latest industry information and also supply the latest magazine, books, and other related reading material, keeping updated on the latest industrial trends.

6. Investment and Financing Advisory Services:

Providing investment, financing, and loan advisory services, introducing foreign venture capital resources, raising research development and working capital resources, assisting enterprises to apply for listing.