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Incubating center’s environment:

The center is located in Nangang Software Park, situated in Sanchong Road, Nangang District, Taipei City, very close to the Taiwan Academia Sinica and also many of Taipei higher education institutions and universities, which can provide sufficient human resources for research development purpose. The center is located at Taipei’s communication hub of the east area, Zhongshan Expressway, the second highways, high-speed railway, and also located at the intersection between the MRT line of Muzha Line and Nangang Line. Various major transportation creates a super convenience transportation system for the center. For 2 minutes, you can access to the Zhongshan Expressway and HuanDong Boulevard. Within 10 minutes, you can reach Taiwan Songshan airport, by 40 minutes you can reach the Taiwan international airport.Within an hour, you can reach the Hsinchu Science Park. The center strategic location not only gives you the access to the Taipei business and trade area and also the Taiwan Academia Sinica Central Research Institute. It is also very close to the Hsinchu Science Park, all of which making the location of the center to become Taiwan’s new technology center.


The industry feature:

The Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Program is the blueprint for Taiwan’s economic and trade development to step into the 21st century. In order to cooperate with the government industrial development policy, Taipei City Government has formulated the development plan as Nangang Economic Trade Park. Taipei City Government plans to create a software park and also the second World Trade Center, commercial entertainment center, and hotel conference center, all of which covers a total amount 87 hectares area. The program estimated can finish around 2007. The government hopes that this region will become the Taipei new heart as in as a cultural, economic trade and high-tech characteristics, also become Taiwan’s window of the world, a new base for global scientific and technological activities.


The industry category:

The planning, design, development, research, analysis, construction, combination, testing and maintenance of the information software.Computer, electronics, information, telecommunications and other manufacturing research related development unit and automation planning and design company, IC design company. Provide support for the standard information facilities services, applications for software tools, software engineering and management training programs.


Life Functions:

Aim to provide a legit and quality environment for all the software industry creators. The incubation center includes many facilities such as the bank, post office, restaurant, bookstore, products exhibition center, multi-function conference rooms and international conference rooms and other business related facilities. The design of the central waterscape garden, forming a natural and comfortable communication space.

Financial Services Facilities – Banks, ATM

Communication Services – Post Office, Express delivery, Telecom service, International Video Conference Center

Life service facilities – convenience store, photocopy store

Catering facilities – restaurants, coffee shop, snack shop and bakery

Medical Service Facilities – Chung Hsiao Hospital Clinic

The information above excerpts from the Nangang Software Industrial Park website