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Do you have any question? Here are some common questions:

A. Questions for new landing application

Q1: Are there any limitations for new landings?

You will be a priority if you meet the following requirements:

  1. Your company is within the definition of “Small and Medium Enterprise”(SME) with an annual turnover lower than $100 million or no more than 100 employees.
  2. Your company is developing in the field of R&D and innovation for the information software industry.

Q2: What documents are needed for the landing application?

Three documents are needed: an application form, a 3-year Business Plan, and your company’s financial statement. All of these documents are downloadable on this website.

Q3: Will my application still be considered even though my company is not relevant to targeted fields?

The application results depend on your business plan. NSI will introduce you to other incubating centers or organizations if your project is not relevant to its targeted fields.

Q4: How do I write a perfect business plan for an application?

Please feel free to contact us if your company meets the basic eligibility criteria. Our consultants will help you to overcome the difficulties of proposal writing.

Q5: Will you accept my application if I don’t have my own company until next year?

You are suggested to submit your application two months before the company registration. Even though you have not set up your company, consultation is ready for you now.

B. About Spaces and Fees

Q6:  Is there any office space available now? What is the total surface of the said offices?

KSI has different sized offices depending on your requirements which will be available to your company after your landing.

Q7: What is the cost of offices per square foot? How much is it in square meters?

According to the regulations, it’s 690NTD per Taiwanese ping or 209NTD per square meters

Q8: How do I pay the cost of electricity and air conditioning electricity?

The electricity cost follows the “user pays” principle with an independent billing system in each incubation room. The cost of shared electricity will be counted according to the square measure of your incubation room.

Q9. How do I pay the telephone bill and internet access charge?

You are suggested to negotiate with telecommunications service provider, such as Chunghwa Telecom.

C. Questions for resources and business assistance from NSI

Q10. Are there any other types of equipment and hardware resource from NSI?

NSI provides software and hardware resources, such as conference rooms, break rooms and resting areas. We also provide gymnasium, snooker room and swimming pool in Tower C of Kaohsiung Software Park.

Q11. Besides equipment, what are the benefits of joining the NSI program?

NSI provides different consultation services and assistance for you to obtain more resources —  from legal advice, technology, research and development, marketing, and financial assistance. We also help you apply to different government subsidies/awards for innovation and R&D.

Q12. How does NSI assist companies to apply governmental subsidies and incentivize projects?

Our consultants provide the latest government subsidy information and application assistance. We are committed to providing supports on constructing a thorough and detailed proposal to maximize your chances to win the rewards/subsidies — through proposal writing consultation, technology cooperation resources, personnel training to R&D.

Have you got your answer? Feel free to contact NSI, for further questions:

TEL:  07-966-6606 EXP. 669 Mr. Chan