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KSI was established to incubate software development companies, with great vision and potential, under the policy of the development of the software industry. It assists the transformation and advancement of companies to develop the software industry. This notice is followed by the information for initial entry to help applicants understand the key points of the process.

Application Qualification:
  1.  Established Company in Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Must fulfill the definition of “Small and Medium Enterprise” (annual turnover lower than $ 100 million or no more than 100 employees) and engaged in software development and innovation services.
  2. The innovative software company must have been established in the last 3 years and have a working team which possesses independent capabilities of research and development. Such a company will be listed as a priority.
  3. Or a company which has been set up for more than three years, but is seeking to transform and upgrade.
  4. The company must be established in the Taiwan (Republic of China).
  5. Unless the foreign company can spur the research and development, technology, business and international development of a relevant industry, in which case they may also apply.
Entry Level Application
  1. No more than 30 people in working team
  2. The desired office space should be in a reasonable proportion to the number of employees and specific spatial requirements linked to company activity.
  3. Expansion is allowed based on demand and business development.