Application Must-Know

Kaohsiung Software Incubation Center is a state-level policy-oriented software industry development program that nurtures emerging software companies with prospective technology and market potential to help them upgrade and transform. With this policy, the domestic economy will grow sustainability.

The information regarding enterprises that need to enter the center for enabling the application process. If any change in the content, please take the notice as the priority announcement.

Application Qualification

3 Types of Companies in Priority:

  • Fulfill the definition of “Small and Medium Enterprise”(SME)
  • Part of a key industry to be incubated
  • Digital Content, Information Software, Cultural and Creative industry


Meetings with our project managers will help us better understand the details of your business plan and your requirements, enabling us to give you resources specifically tailored for your needs.

Proposal Defense

A technical and operational review conference will be held. You will have to hand in a landing application form, a business proposal and a financial statement and any other needed information.

Application Procedure

After passing the process of examination, you shall receive a written notice of approval from the center within 14 days. Then, the process of examination regarding the Administration of Export Processing Zone will begin. After passing the exam, you will be qualified for stationing. Then, you can start the administrative process about stationing at the Incubation Center.

Official Operation

You are allowed to do the decoration and set the office supplies after the confirmed official admission. KSI will also provide long-term counseling for you.

Renewal Review

An examination to extend your landing will be held during the first 3 years.  Starting from the 4th year, another examination will need to be held every year.