Geographical Advantage

Kaohsiung Software Incubation Center is located in Kaohsiung Software Park at Fuxing 4th Road, Kaohsiung City. It is located to the west of Port of Kaohsiung and Lingya market, and to the north of Linhai Industrial Park and Kaohsiung international container terminal. With the opening of the Circular LRT, traffic will be fluid and make our Center convenient and easy to reach.

 To facilitate IT development in the southern region (of Taiwan), start-up business requires a better environment for the development of a vibrant regional economy. Kaohsiung development demands multi-functional economy and trade park industry and the development of Taiwan as Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center. “Kaohsiung Software Incubation Center” was set up by Ministry of Economic Affairs and(?) Small and Medium enterprises in Kaohsiung Software Technology Park which actively cultivate the digital content industry in the southern region.

These companies cultivate the market development of the information software industry and technology service industry through the integration of technology and a culture of innovation to provide entry space, equipment, research and development technology and commercial services and other resources.

To make the park more convenient, there are facilities such as banks, convenience stores, restaurants, large conference halls, and recreational venues, a gymnasium, a swimming pool and many other services.