Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission:
By the national policy for the software development industry, KSI aims at nurturing software development companies of foresight and strong potential. Also, we are devoted to assisting software companies to have a transition to fuel the growth of the industry in Taiwan.

  1. Positioning:
    KSI has emerged due to cooperation requirements with Kaohsiung Software Park to increase the capacity of the information and digital content industry in Southern Taiwan.Therefore, we aim to nurture innovative I.T. companies with potential in Southern Taiwan, assist such enterprises to evolve or transition in the industry.

  2. Function & Objective
    KSI provides all purpose assistance for technical support, consultancy services, resource sharing, marketing planning and cooperation venture capital to help emerging and modern corporations evolve or transition while remaining innovative and competitive.

  3. Missions:
    To enhance the independence and ability of software research and development in Taiwan
    To assist current corporations with transformation and advancement
    To accelerate the positive development of the software industry
    To assist the software industry to step onto the global stage