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This program is for the startups which have passion and ambition to
enter worldwide markets and expand customer base Selected Teams in 2020


Selected Teams for FR Program

No Corporations Vertical Team introduction News
1 ARplanet AR/VR Commercial AR/VR technology and cooperation service platform, marq+ AR interative media platform,AR,VR,MR commercial application service, VR interative design for commerce,MR interative design for game,interative design of AR smart glasses,AR interative design for culture,creation and education
2 MiFly AR/VR AR/VR cooperation platform for education. Marketing of platform, APP development, Natice APP development, Computer graphics and computer vison,、AI and cloud computing analyze
3 YaJanTech AR/VR AR/VR Technology and Integration Service Provider、SDK commercial platform leasing
4 Cooky’s AR/VR VR AR motion sensing, game development, Commercial system, IP licensing
5 VAS Creative New Media OTT Steaming solution service, Mobile media application management operation, internet TV technology service platform, Global LHLS/Low latency CMAF direct broadcast service, SaaS Cloud Media Platform service, SaaS Cloud Education Platform service
6 Extreme E-Sports Competition organizer, Brocast service provider, E-Commervice platform integration, Media, entirement and advertising service provider

Selected Teams for VE Program

No Corporations Vertical Team introduction News
1 MemePR EC Tech Events, online markting, KOL marketing, media purchaise, Mar Tech, Content provider, visual communication,graphics design
2 YouRed EC Tech Overseas wholesale, purchasing, requisition order, business development platform
3 MyProGuide EC Brand Tourist and tourist guide’s matchmaking platform
4 Myfeel EC Brand Home appliance brands, Crowdfunding platform
5 Woo EC Brand WOO Collective product development and design,international branding and marketing, Co-branded corporate gifts development
6 ELITE BEAUTY EC Brand Cosmetic product development, branding and marketing service
7 Fablous EC Brand Influencer Marketing TP
8 YuNing Wang EC Brand Typhon and violin, cello production and sales

Advisor、Organizer & Co-organizer

Advisor、Organizer & Co-organizer