2019 B2MC大合照

About Bridge to MassChallenge

Bridge to MassChallenge strengthens innovation ecosystems and drives the creation of high-quality jobs by supporting entrepreneurs and connecting them to MassChallenge’s global network. The program collaborates with local entities to understand the potential and strategic value of their unique ecosystem, empowers them to build their innovation communities, and connects them to global markets.

About B2MC Taiwan

The program is a collaboration between MassChallenge and Taiwan’s leading startup incubators including I2I, DTA, DCB, and BE Capital, under support from the Linkou Startup Terrace project, funded by Taiwan’s Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), to catalyze and support an Asian regional startup community in Taiwan.

B2MC Mentors 

The Taiwan Bootcamp will be conducted by six MassChallenge mentors, including one from Israel, and two with origins in Taiwan: 

Alec Stern

Alec Stern, Managing Partner & Co-founder, Point2Point Global

珍妮佛·喬丹(Jennifer Jordan), MassVentures 副總裁

Jennifer Jordan, Vice President, MassVentures

蘭尼席·弗林(Rani (Ron) Shifron) Healthier Globe總經理暨創辦人

Rani (Ron) Shifron, Founder and GM of Healthier Globe

Ally Chang, PhD (愛麗·張) Mach 48 Ventures 聯合創辦人暨合夥人

 Ally Chang, Co-founder and partner, Mach 48 Ventures

Hank Wu (漢克·吳), Luminopia Health 數位長

Hank Wu, Co-founder and partner, Mach 48 Ventures

Taiwan’s government is actively encouraging global entrepreneurs to leverage Taiwan’s superior technology R&D and ICT manufacturing resources, as well as its superb geographical position in the heart Asia, to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. As such, it is an incredible advantage to have a panel of international mentors with this diverse range of backgrounds and experience.

The mentors will guide startups through the intensive bootcamp, which will culminate in a final pitch event that will narrow the field of startups down to a Top 10.  The Top 10 startups, as well as a select number of Taiwan seed teams, will continue on to the 4-month Acceleration portion of the B2MC Taiwan program, which will take place at the Linkou Startup Terrace in Linkou, Taiwan, 20 minutes south of Taipei.  

During the 4-month Acceleration program, the top startups will enjoy free co-working space and single-room accommodation in Taiwan; mentoring from top local & international experts; access to Taiwanese ICT manufacturing, insurance-tech and healthcare / agri-food resources; tailored training and workshops; one-on-one mentorship from top local and international experts; support in scaling their businesses to global markets; networking opportunities and unique access to Taipei’s business and entrepreneurial ecosystems; and a travel stipend of $2,000 USD for each of the Top 10 Teams to travel to the Boston MassChallenge bootcamp.  Additionally, the top 2 startups will enter the fast-track to MassChallenge Boston or Israel semifinals.

2019 B2MC Taiwan 創業加速器入選 14隊名單

Bridge to MassChallenge Taiwan Startups
Below is the complete list of startups selected to participate in the Taipei boot camp:

No. Corporations Country Logo Team introduction
1 AESOP medicine Taiwan AESOP provides AI software that identifies and predicts prescription errors and creates a win-win solution for physicians and patients.
2 AetherAI Taiwan A pathology-focused AI development platform, allowing hospitals to build their own medical imaging AI models. 
3 Guzip Biomarkers Corp. Taiwan Dedicated to finding novel DNA methylation biomarkers for clinical applications. 
4 ID Water Taiwan Focused on creating unmanned shrimp farms through AI and IOT technologies and assisting farmers to increase their average harvest by 400%.
5 LONGGOOD Taiwan The first interactive rehabilitation software development company in Taiwan. 
6 MeansGood Taiwan Just like Aerofarms in the Chinese herbal medicine cultivation industry.
7 MedFluid Taiwan Using microfluidics to build a personalized antibiotics screening platform that is faster and more precise, to deal with antibiotic abuse.
8 MTAMTech Corporation Taiwan Cost effective, accurate (similar to gold standard), rapid and reliable anti-cancer drug screening for personalized medicine and drug development.
9 Phood USA A food waste prevention technology that helps food businesses reduce food waste by up to 50% and create cost savings of $100,000 per year.
10 PurCity Denmark Enabling buildings into a large-scale Air Purification Systems.
11 Saathi India 100% biodegradable & compostable all-natural sanitary pads made from banana fibers.
12 Seknova Biotechnology Taiwan The Seknova System is the only continuous diabetes monitoring system that offers triple monitoring for early detection of complications.
13 Team8 France Connectable watch for kids combining FUN, Health, Education and Security. First health platform dedicated for kids behind a cool game for all.
14 Weav-Air Canada WeavAir offers advanced sensors & predictive analytics solutions to save energy & reduce costs of high value air distribution systems.